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Finding ways to innovate and add creativity to your business and career is fun and very rewarding. The following questions can help motivate you to dive into the process of creating new ideas to jump-start change in your workplace:

  • What is the biggest problem or challenge at work — and how can I make a little progress toward solving it today?

  • What questions can I ask my team at work to stimulate their creative thinking about possibilities and new directions?

  • How can I get through my routine obligations quickly enough to have some time and energy left for thinking about new possibilities?

  • Why do I do my work in the way I usually approach it?

  • What things slow down my team, and how could we eliminate these bottlenecks?

  • What resources are the most limited and limiting to our growth, and what can we do about it?

  • What are the most interesting opportunities available to me right now, and how could I find a way to take advantage of one to gain new skills?

  • What assumptions do I make about what I can’t do, and could I be wrong about one of them?

  • What’s the best new design, invention, recipe, or method I’ve seen all week, and does it inspire me to think of something I could invent or design?

  • Am I being pessimistic about something that’s making me feel bad, and what would it feel like if I forced myself to say more optimistic things about it?

  • Who do I know who has a positive, creative attitude, and can I find some time to talk to him or her today or tomorrow?

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