Meeting and Event Planning For Dummies
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Organization and preparation are key when planning a business meeting or event. You have to cover all the basics from reviewing the content of the meeting to accommodating the attendees. Use the tips in the following list for successful meeting and event planning:

  • Make sure meeting objectives are clear and concise.

  • Determine whether it's necessary to meet at all, or whether you can accomplish your objectives in another way.

  • Choose the right meeting location — one with the right number, size, and shape of meeting rooms.

  • Make sure that you know and understand all the services provided by the facility, as well as its cancellation policies.

  • Invite only the people who need to attend.

  • Gather exact contact information for everyone involved in the event.

  • Stick to the set meeting agenda.

  • Evaluate the meeting or event after it's over.

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