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Customer service is a broad term. When trying to determine how effectively you are meeting the needs and demands of your customers, several areas need to be analyzed. The following sections look at each.

One way to determine the effectiveness (and efficiency, of course!) of your self-help resources and processes is to have someone not familiar with your products and services attempt to use them, first alone, and then with some additional guidance in testing specific customer-centric aspects.

The things to assess is whether the customer is actually able to get to the desired information easily and quickly, obtain accurate information without undue searching, and if the customer can subsequently use this information in his/her decision-making regarding placing an order or requesting special customer service.

An easy to way to see if this is effective is to review calls or queries in to customer service, and see how many of them are related to how useful and effective the self-help systems and resources are.

If you are experiencing frequent calls for clarification, further explanation, or for information normally found on your self-help resources, it is a good indication you may not have a very effective (or well-marketed) system, and may want to revisit this valuable customer service resource.

The old adage is true: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” So, if your customers get completely lost trying to help themselves the first time using your (inefficient) self-help services, the likelihood they’ll contact you again is very small and you may have lost a customer.

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