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You Home Page and About Us pages will require a different business writing approach. Once those are complete, you can move on to write the rest of the pages your plan calls for. Here are some of the pages most sites need.
  • Services and How It Works: Use one, or both, to get across the concrete options and opportunities you offer. Describe your services in a lively, user-oriented way, and counter any predisposition not to invest in you. not to over-burden this section, however. Keep descriptions brief and down to earth. Use images as much as you can to shorthand your words.
  • Testimonials: Some sites devote separate pages to first-hand endorsements. Some scatter endorsements everywhere, from the home page on. Some sites do both. In any case, be sure they are real: Never write them yourself, because somehow, they won’t be convincing. And you don’t know until you ask what clients actually value in working with you.

This is a word-of-mouth era for marketing. People believe fellow buyers, not official company statements. Don’t overlook this resource and the value that video testimonials in particular can give you.

  • Contact: Be real here, too! Use at least a first name for email, not an anonymous “info@” address; give a phone number if you can; offer phone appointments; cite your special irresistible offers; and collect contact information from your visitors every way you can.

You need to build keywords and search terms into every page of your website. And keep in mind that websites are global. If you have any interest in an international reach, you have even more reason to create easy-to-read and simple-to-navigate sites.

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