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Budgeting in a business has benefits and consequences that go beyond the financial dimension and have more to do with business management in general. Consider the following benefits of a budgeting process:

  • Budgeting forces managers to do better forecasting. Managers should be constantly scanning the business environment to spot changes that will impact the business. Vague generalizations about what the future may hold for the business are not good enough for assembling a budget. Managers must put their predictions into definite and concrete forecasts.

  • Budgeting motivates managers and employees by providing useful yardsticks for evaluating performance. The budgeting process can have a good motivational impact by involving managers in the budgeting process and by providing incentives to managers to strive for and achieve the business’s goals and objectives.

    Budgets provide useful information for superiors to evaluate the performance of managers and can be used to reward good results. For example, budgets supply baseline financial information for incentive compensation plans. And the profit plan (budget) for the year can be used to award year-end bonuses according to whether designated goals were achieved.

  • Budgeting can assist in the communication between different levels of management. Putting plans and expectations in black and white in budgeted financial statements — including definite numbers for forecasts and goals — minimizes confusion and creates a kind of common language. Well-crafted budgets can definitely help the communication process.

  • Budgeting is essential in writing a business plan. New and emerging businesses need to present a convincing business plan when raising capital. Because these businesses may have little or no history, the managers and owners must demonstrate convincingly that the company has a clear strategy and a realistic plan to make profit. A coherent, realistic budget forecast is an essential component of a business plan.

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