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Before using metaphysical principles to achieve your desires, put some time and effort into clarifying your greater intentions and goals. Three efforts that can help prepare you to use metaphysical manifestation principles properly are

  • Weeding out any desires that are not in harmony with your greater spiritual goals.

  • Asking for spiritual gifts above asking for more expensive material gifts.

  • Accepting the inevitable, because even if you’re a skilled co-creator or practitioner of the secret laws of attraction, things won’t always happen exactly as you’ve planned — and that’s often a good thing!

Weed your desires to be compatible with spiritual goals

The purpose of weeding your desires is to make sure that you want what you want, and not just what the commercial world wants you to want. Using metaphysical principles just to create more outer attachments is a misuse of spiritual laws. As Proverbs 16:16 says, “How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver.”

Therefore, it is worth your while to sort through your desires and weed out ones that are unnecessary or incompatible with your higher spiritual goals.

One way to weed your desires is to imagine that you are in your last moments of life. Your time in this world is about to come to an end, and you’re looking back to consider what was most important in your life. Who have you helped? What good have you done? What do you wish you’d spent more time doing?

Ask for the highest spiritual prize

What would happen if, instead of only asking God and the universe to improve outer things like relationships, finances, health, or career, you began asking instead to become free?

Jesus’ teaching to “Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all things will be added unto you” is not just a religious statement, but also a metaphysical law of the universe. Keeping your eyes on the highest prize helps you attract experiences that are clear, uplifting, good, and strong.

Once you rise above the limited levels of illusions, lower emotions, and low self-esteem, blessings come to you more easily — even when you’re not actively seeking them. You don’t have to grab, but simply receive. You begin to experience a taste of heaven even in the midst of your life on earth.

Here is an example of how to ask for blessings in an open-ended way:

I ask for divine grace, ultimate fulfillment, deeper meaning, positive growth, reverence and awe, imminence and transcendence, a blazing life and a glorious death, all in harmony with the Highest Good and filled with unexpected and unfathomable blessings, as I shed layer after layer of illusion, and move into ever new, ancient, exciting and restful waves of life as a divinely inspired human being on this earth and a pure soul beyond this earth.
May a benevolent universe fulfill my highest aspirations and release the lower ones in a harmless, appropriate fashion. May everyone in this world and beyond be blessed with everything they deserve in a kindly, forgiving, and loving way.

Accept the inevitable

Okay, so sometimes you don’t get exactly what you want, no matter how many collages you make or how many times you affirm that you have it. The house mortgage you wanted falls through, your new car gets damaged, the university doesn’t accept your application, or your money at hand doesn’t add up to the stack of bills on your desk.

Here’s another not-so-secret of life: Don’t expect things to be what they’re not, or you’ll be disappointed. Feeling disappointed can also lead to feeling disheartened, which can have even more detrimental effects on your ability to achieve your goals.

Therefore, you should always keep the door open for the possibility that the universe could respond to your petitions and affirmations with a clear and concise “No.” Just assume that something even better is in the works and do your best to stay light-hearted and positive while enjoying your present moment as it is, warts and all.

Even as you make physical and metaphysical efforts to achieve your goals, keep a note of trust and acceptance playing beneath the surface of your awareness. The best way to accept the inevitable is to keep your eyes focused on the highest eternal reality, within which all your temporal desires and goals are not so very important, after all.

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