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The Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (NMJ) of the Scottish Rite has tinkered with and updated the degrees that Freemason Albert Pike created in the 1860s. The NMJ believes that modern Freemasons get the most impact from the degrees if some of those degrees tell age-old morals and truths by using references more familiar to modern Freemasons.

The 20th degree, Master Ad Vitam, tells a story about George Washington; the 25th degree, Master of Achievement, is about Benjamin Franklin; and the 26th degree, Prince of Mercy, concerns Abraham Lincoln.

In 2004, the NMJ rewrote and reorganized its degrees. This table lists the latest lineup.
The Northern Masonic Jurisdiction Degrees
Division Degree Number Degree Title
Lodge of Perfection 4 Master Traveler
5 Perfect Master (formerly part of the 23rd degree)
6 Master of the Brazen Serpent
7 Provost and Judge
8 Intendant of the Building
9 Master of the Temple (formerly part of the 23rd degree)
10 Master Elect of Fifteen
11 Sublime Master Elected
12 Grand Master Architect (formerly the 26th degree)
13 Master of the Ninth Arch
14 Grand Elect Mason
Council Princes of Jerusalem 15 Knight of the East or Sword
16 Prince of Jerusalem
Chapter Rose Croix 17 Knight of the East and West
18 Knight of the Rose Croix de Heredon Council of Kadosh
Consistory 19 Grand Pontiff
20 Master Ad Vitam (George Washington)
21 Patriarch Noachite
22 Prince of Libanus
23 Chief of the Tabernacle
24 Brother of the Forest
25 Master of Achievement (Benjamin Franklin)
26 Prince of Mercy (Abraham Lincoln)
27 Knight of Jerusalem
28 Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept
29 Knight of St. Andrew
30 Grand Inspector (formerly the 31st degree)
31 Knight Aspirant (formerly Part 1 of the 32nd degree)
32 Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
Supreme Council 33 Inspector General

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