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Freemasonry is full of ritual, and for rituals you need people to be responsible for the various activities associated with the ritual and for the lodge in general. And what would any lodge be without a leader? The following list shows the officer positions available in a typical lodge:
  • Worshipful Master (WM): President

  • Senior Warden (SW): First vice president

  • Junior Warden (JW): Second vice president

  • Secretary: Recorder

  • Treasurer: Financial officer

  • Senior Deacon (SD): Worshipful Master’s messenger

  • Junior Deacon (JD): Senior Warden’s messenger

  • Senior Steward (SS): Page

  • Junior Steward (JS): Page

  • Marshall: Master of ceremonies

  • Inner Guard: Inner door guard

  • Tyler (or Tiler): Outer door guard

  • Chaplain

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