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If a man is experiencing testicular pain, he wants relief. Right away. After all, the testicles are highly sensitive — so much so that even the thought of being struck there can cause some men to experience a twinge of physical pain. Whether you’ve been hit in the groin or are experiencing unexplained pain in the scrotum, it’s important to pay attention to the signs and take care of yourself.

There are many causes of testicular pain — for example:

  • Testicular torsion. One of the more severe conditions that may be causing the pain is testicular torsion, where the testicle gets twisted around inside the scrotum and blood no longer flows into it. This is an emergency condition that needs to be treated very quickly.

  • Epididymitis. A more common cause of pain is epididymitis, which is an infection of the epididymis gland. The infection is easily diagnosed by a doctor and treated with antibiotics.

  • Sports injuries. Any male athlete should wear a cup over his groin area when playing rough sports. Cups can prevent injury to the testes that may cause fertility problems later on.

  • Testicular cancer. Some symptoms to be aware of is a feeling of heaviness in your scrotum or if it suddenly collects fluid. You could also experience pain in your scrotum or in one of your testicles, or feel a dull ache in your groin or belly.

Feeling a twinge of pain from time to time in the scrotum is quite common. If a man experiences this sort of pain and it disappears after a minute or two, he doesn’t have to worry. The testicles are very sensitive, and in all probability, one got bumped or twisted a bit, which caused this momentary pain.

On the other hand, if he has any continuous pain, then he should go to see a doctor immediately.

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