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The G-spot is reportedly a spot in the vagina that seemingly could give women orgasms without clitoral stimulation. How to find the G-spot (and what it'll do for their sex lives) has been a goal for many women and their sex partners. The G-spot is named after gynecologist Ernest Grafenberg who claimed to have found it.

One reason these women are so concerned is that a G-spot orgasm is supposed to be much stronger than a mere clitoral orgasm; it may even include a supposed female ejaculation. To some degree, the G-spot orgasm relates to Freud’s “mature” orgasm because people claim that the G-spot is located within the vagina, which would allow a woman to have a G-spot orgasm during intercourse.

Some experts, however, are not sure that the G-spot definitely exists. They think it is odd that something so powerful wasn’t better known many, many years ago. Plus, no gynecologist has provided rock-solid evidence of its existence.

Actually, because of where the G-spot is said to be located, on the interior wall of the vagina, a woman would have a very hard time finding it by herself. Instead, she has to send her partner. When their partners don’t find this pot of gold, some women blame them for being inadequate explorers, the two of them end up fighting about it, and their entire sex life goes down the tubes.

That said, if you enjoy the search and don’t invest too much in it, that’s fine. You may find a place in the woman’s vagina that gives her a lot of pleasure. If you don’t, just forget about it.

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