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If your doctor discourages vaginal sex during pregnancy, you might naturally consider oral or anal sex, instead. Before engaging in oral or anal sex during pregnancy, be aware of the warnings.

Oral sex and pregnancy

Oral sex during pregnancy is safe and can be a great substitute for vaginal sex. The woman can still safely have orgasms — and if oral sex is part of the couple’s repertoire, including swallowing the semen, the woman can continue doing this during her pregnancy.

Oral sex is a good way for the man to give a pregnant woman an orgasm, but he must never blow into the vagina. The forced air can make its way into her blood vessels, which are dilated during pregnancy, and that condition can be fatal to the woman.

Some people believe that if a pregnant woman performs oral sex on a man and swallows his semen, it can cause her to have contractions. Just ignore this old myth. It just plain isn’t true.

Anal sex during pregnancy

Some couples think that anal intercourse is safer for the baby than “regular” vaginal sex, but that’s not true. In fact, during anal sex the rectum is pushed up against the vagina, increasing the chances of germs entering the vagina and causing an infection. Therefore, sticking with vaginal or oral sex is best.

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