Your Baby's First Year For Dummies
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During your baby’s first year, you’re still getting used to her needs, her moods, and her method of communication — which most often is a healthy yell. No need to panic, just run through the following list to discover the reason for your baby’s distress, which can help you find the way to alleviate it.

  • Is her diaper full?

  • Is she hungry?

  • Did you burp her after her last feeding?

  • Is she tired?

  • Is she frustrated or angry (by trying and not succeeding at a new skill, for example)?

  • Is she hurt?

  • Is she overstimulated (too much going on around her)?

  • Is she frightened?

  • Is something (a tag, or a toe stuck in a sock the wrong way) irritating her physically?

  • Is she sick (fever, diarrhea, runny nose)?

  • Is she cutting a tooth (general crankiness, drooling, blue spot on her gum)?

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