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Deciding on a gift for someone is a personal choice. Research and thought will make selecting a gift easier and more appropriate for the person and occasion. Remember the spirit of giving is what matters! Consider these gift-giving guidelines:

  • When selecting a gift, consider the person’s hobbies and interests. A bit of research and thought can make the gift-selection process a whole lot easier.

  • Pull together a list of gift ideas and roughly how much you want to spend. Many stores are online, so you can search the Internet for ideas and prices before you go shopping, or you can always buy online.

  • Unless you’re absolutely sure of the person’s tastes, purchase gift certificates or gift cards in lieu of clothing.

  • When searching for a gift for a family, consider any of the following:

    • Photo album

    • Travel journal

    • Cookbook

    • Tickets to a sporting event, concert, or play

    • How-to DVD or book for a new hobby

    • Gift certificate to a family restaurant or favorite store

    • Book on CD

    • Plant

    • Food gift basket

  • For a friend who is hosting a party, send a floral arrangement that complements her home and send it the day before or the day of the event.

  • Some of the best gifts can’t be purchased at any store. Perhaps you have a skill or talent that you can use to create a painting, a handicraft item, or a piece of pottery.

  • Giving a material gift isn’t the only way to go. The gift of your time for volunteer work or for helping out a friend or neighbor is also a form of giving — and one that may be appreciated more than a material item.

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