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If you’re brand new at cutting hair, you may find your friends and family hesitant to let you work on their locks. Try winning them over one haircut at a time, and keep these things in mind:

  • Start small, but think big when it comes to cutting your family’s hair. In the beginning, do small things like bang trims, end trims, and crisping up the haircutting lines of the men in your life.

  • Extend the time between salon appointments by shortening their haircuts 1/4-inch midway between their scheduled trims.

  • Keep your word. If you say that you’re only going to trim this much, or leave the bangs a certain way, build your family’s trust by delivering as promised.

  • Ask for haircutting tools and supplies for your birthday. If this request doesn’t show sincerity about doing a good job, who knows what will!

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