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Every night while you sleep you enter into a fast, but as soon as you wake up and eat breakfast, you turn off that fast, and, in turn, miss out on all the wonderful benefits to be had from fasting through the morning hours. The idea that breakfast is a necessity, or the most important meal of the day, is propaganda populated and perpetuated by food companies, specifically cereal companies.

Eating breakfast is no more a necessity to life than is getting your toenails painted. That's to say breakfast is a luxury, one that everyone can live without and one that everyone would actually be better off doing without it.

Making breakfast a necessary start to your day actually doesn't make sense for a couple reasons:

  • Most breakfast foods aren't nutritious. In fact, most breakfast foods suck. They're downright terrible for you. Pancakes, waffles, and cereals are some of the most sugar-laden and nutritionally devoid calories that you can stuff into your body. It's a downright shame, if not very close to a crime, that children (and adults, too) are subjected to such fattening and low-quality foods each and every morning.

  • You don't need breakfast to enhance your productivity. Cereal companies and other such peddlers of breakfast foods like to say that if you skip breakfast, you won't get the necessary energy you need, and your productivity will suffer. This is all wrong. Breakfast is in no way superior to fasting for energy, but in most cases, far inferior.

    When you start your day with a bowl of sugar, which really is what most breakfast cereals are, you've set yourself up to experience turbulent blood sugar and an eventual crash. Remember, sugary foods spike blood sugar and insulin levels. And although you may get a quick surge of energy from the sugar at first, the end result, which is never far to follow, is invariably a sharp and unpleasant decline in energy.

    Many food companies peddling breakfast cereals also want you to believe that the human body is a machine, and that without fuel in the morning it can't run properly. This is false. The human body is a biological organism, not a machine.

    Your body doesn't need to be fed in the morning to run properly, because your body will still have in it plenty of energy reserves left over from the previous day of eating, and secondly, not eating allows your body to tap into stored body fat for a continuous stream of energy as well as enter into a natural and necessary state of detoxification.

If you're not entirely ready to give up breakfast, that's fine. Micro-fasting may not be the right fasting option for you. When you do eat breakfast, make sure it's worthwhile, and follow the same general guidelines as you would for all your other meals — start with protein and fibrous veggies, move onto healthy fats, and finish with more dense carbohydrate sources.

An omelet with spinach and tomatoes would be a great choice. But again, the fasting benefits to be had from going without breakfast are simply too good to be ignored, and, too easy to take advantage of — really, all you have to do is push your first meal back a couple of hours!

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