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Japanese food is a nutritious, low-calorie choice for dieters. Japanese can be one of the most nutritional and healthy cuisines, with only a few fattening dishes, such as tempura, teriyaki, katso, and sukiyaki. If eaten in the balance that the Japanese apply — heavy on the vegetables and light on the fats and meats — Japanese food can be a dieter’s dream.

Portions are small in Japanese restaurants, and rice and noodles are the foundation. Cooking techniques are most often broiling, steaming, braising, or simmering — all of which generally produce low-calorie and lowfat dishes.

Choose more of these:

  • Clear broth

  • Miso (fermented soy)

  • Miso dressing

  • Mushimono (steamed)

  • Nabemono (a one-pot dish)

  • Nimono (simmered)

  • Sashimi

  • Sushi

  • Udon (noodles)

  • Yaki (broiled)

  • Yakimono (grilled)

Eat less of these:

  • Agemono (deep-fried)

  • Katsu (fried pork cutlet)

  • Sukiyaki (a one-dish meal made with fatty beef)

  • Tempura (batter-fried)

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