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Falling into the trap of migraine myths can prevent people from being diagnosed and treated properly. Migraines are valid problems. Migraine myths abound and some of the following are the more common misconceptions and the real story:

  • Your doctor would have already told you if you actually had migraines. Not necessarily! Sometimes migraines can be hard to diagnose. You need to tell your health care provider the specific symptoms associated with your headaches.

  • Your migraines are all in your head. Not so! A migraine is a biological illness that can cause great deal of pain.

  • Doctors know what causes migraines. No, they don't! But many headache experts believe that a disturbance in brain chemicals is the source of migraine development.

  • If you're a migraineur, every headache you get is a migraine. Nope! Migraine sufferers can have other kinds of headaches as well.

  • Children don't get migraine headaches. Yes, they do! Apparently, even some babies suffer from migraines.

  • You can't be having migraines because you don't have auras (the visual disturbances, such as zigzag or flashing lights). Not true! Many people who have migraines don't experiences auras.

  • You're stuck with suffering head pain from migraines because they're rarely treated successfully. Wrong! Most migraine sufferers who seek help discover medications and lifestyle changes that really help ease their suffering and make headaches less frequent.

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