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The physiological part of your body — the systems that help your heart beat, lungs breathe, stomach digest, glands drain, and nerves feel — is a complicated system that involves several hundred working parts. And, much like a beloved, well-worn car, it requires repair from time to time. Thanks to the modern miracle of laser and scope surgeries and procedures, many fixes can take place in a doctor’s office or outpatient setting. Some, though, are more complex.

Here’s a look at just a few of the physio fixes you might encounter in your medical career:

  • Belsey Mark V: Transthoracic hiatus hernia repair

  • Bischof: Longitudinal incision of spinal cord for treatment of spasticity of lower extremities

  • Dexamethasone suppression test: Blood test to assess adrenal gland function, measures how cortisol levels change in response to a dexamethasone injection; to diagnose Cushing’s syndrome

  • Eloesser window thoracostomy: To treat pleural empyema, creation of small, permanent opening in chest wall to allow long-term drainage of empyema

  • Fluid deprivation test: Used to diagnose diabetes insipidus, patient deprived of fluids for a prolonged period of time to determine cause of thirst

  • Fontan: A palliative procedure used in children with complex congenital heart defects

  • Frazier-Spiller: Destruction (rhizotomy) of the trigeminal nerve to relieve neuralgia

  • Hofmeister: Gastrectomy with portion of stomach removed and retrocolic gastrojejunostomy constructed

  • Overholt: Named after Dr. Richard Overholt, a thoracic surgeon who performed the first successful removal of a lung in a cancer patient, and America’s anti-smoking pioneer

  • Ransohoff: Making numerous cross incisions through the pulmonary pleura to relieve empyema

  • Sestamibi parathyroid scintigraphy: Nuclear medicine procedure to localize a parathyroid adenoma

  • Torkildsen: Cranial ventricular shunt procedure in patient with noncommunicating hydrocephalus

  • Vineberg: Implantation of the internal mammary artery into the left ventricle for relief of myocardial ischemia

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