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A fit, firm, and flexible body enhances your ability to communicate with confidence and control. Below are a few exercises to help you improve your body’s ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

  • Before undertaking any form of exercise, lightly stretch your muscles to prevent injury. Gently roll your head and shoulders, slowly twist your torso from side to side, and stretch your limbs out wide. You might want to practice in a private, comfortable place as some of the expressions and movements can look and feel a little awkward.

  • Strengthening your lips. Firm lips are a thing of beauty and have caused many sleepless nights. To build up your mouth muscles, pucker your lips slightly. From this position, bring the corners of your mouth as close together as possible by actively engaging the muscle. Hold your lips in this position for a count of five. Relax and repeat 10 times.

  • Squeezing your buttocks. A tight bottom is attractive. And it feels good, too. To maintain your bottom’s upward lift and inviting appearance, squeeze your glutes tightly for a count of five. Relax and repeat ten times.

  • Stretching your hands. Your hands get a steady workout during the day whether they’re tapping the keyboard, lifting and carrying, or just stroking the dog. To give your fingers a bit of a respite, put them together in the prayer position, finger tips pointing upwards, heels of the palms together. Push your fingertips tightly together, allowing the heels of your palms to separate. Relax and repeat ten times.

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