Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Dummies
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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is becoming a popular option for people who want to increase their self-confidence and move away from self-destructive behaviour. This list sums up some of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’s many features and effects:

  • CBT helps you to develop flexible, self-enhancing beliefs and attitudes towards yourself, others and the world around you.

  • CBT is goal-directed.

  • CBT offers skills and strategies for overcoming common problems such as anxiety, depression and more.

  • CBT addresses your past with a view to understanding how your personal history may be affecting your present day beliefs and behaviours.

  • CBT focuses on how your problems are being perpetuated rather than searching for a singular reason or root cause.

  • CBT encourages you to try things out for yourself and practice new alternative ways of thinking and acting.

  • CBT highlights prevention of relapse and personal development.

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