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Use the at-a-glance figures and tips in this Cheat Sheet to prepare yourself to make changes, take control, and fulfil your potential with life coaching.

Finding your inner life coach

Good news – you have an inner coach, that inner voice who silences your inner critic, cheers you on to have a go and celebrates your progress. Your inner coach supports you in the following ways:

  • Encourages you to set challenging and inspiring goals for your life that are in tune with your values

  • Believes you can do it!

  • Expects the best from you and knows you can meet that expectation

  • Explores options with you

  • Helps to generate action steps that work for you

  • Keeps you moving forwards

  • Celebrates your accomplishments along the way

  • Delights in the positive results you get for yourself

Achieving your life coaching goals

SMARTEN UP your goal setting to ensure the best life coaching results. When you’re planning effective action to improve your life, make sure your goals are:

  • Specific and meaningful

  • Measurable and stretching

  • Achievable and appealing

  • Realistic

  • Timed, with milestones

  • Enthusiastic and positive

  • Natural to your preferences

  • Understood by yourself and others

  • Prepared for the road ahead

Taking stock of your current and ideal life

Life coaching is all about creating the life you really want. Your life is a balance of doing (from everyday chores to running marathons), having (material possessions as well as intangible things like love and security) and being (the core of you). Take stock of your current and ideal life by asking yourself the following questions.


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