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Let's get positive, people! Saying and thinking affirmations often is one of the most valuable ways to change your self-talk. If you say uplifting things to yourself that help you reach your goals and reflect the sense of self-worth that you’re developing, you’ll head in a new and healthier direction.

Following are some tips for writing your own affirmations:

  • Choose a negative thought and write its positive opposite.

  • Make your affirmations only a few words long.

  • Start your affirmations with “I” or “My.”

  • Write your affirmations in the present tense.

  • Write as though you’re grateful for already having and being what you want.

  • Make all your affirmations positive statements.

  • Add emotion to your affirmations.

  • Create affirmations that are realistic and achievable.

To help you start writing positive affirmations, try using some of the following words:
Amazed Empowered Happy Optimistic Thankful
Appreciated Energetic Harmonious Passionate Understanding
Appreciative Enthusiastic Inspired Positive Unlimited
Confident Excited Invigorated Powerful Uplifted
Courageous Expanded Joyous Proud Vibrant
Creative Exuberant Lovable Radiant Vivacious
Delighted Focused Loving Renewed Warm
Dynamic Fortunate Luxurious Serene Wise
Eager Free Open Strong Worthy
Even if you feel silly saying your affirmations at first, keep going. There's no harm in being positive and taking a few moments out of each day to encourage and celebrate the most important person in your life — you!

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