Series 7 Exam: 1001 Practice Questions For Dummies
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You’ve studied for the Series 7 exam, you know the content backward and forward. You are ready! So, don’t let your nerves overtake you the day of the exam. Follow these steps to ready yourself for test-taking day and you’ll be prepared to walk in and conquer the Series 7:

  • Review your notes until noon.

  • Get away from the books: Go out to dinner (skip the spicy foods and alcohol) or go to a movie — do whatever you want to rest your mind.

  • Gather the items to bring with you to the exam site:

    • Your ID

    • Exam site directions

    • Layered clothing

    • Earplugs (if allowed)

    • A clock or watch

    • A snack/lunch

    • Your cellphone for emergencies (leave it in
      the car)

    • Study material and notes (leave them in the car)

  • Set two alarm clocks. Leave enough time to get to the exam site an hour and a half early — one hour for more review and one half-hour for checking in.

  • Get to bed early.

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