Let's say you're the type of person who doesn't make long-term plans, and the SAT is next month or (gulp!) next week. This situation isn't ideal, but it's not hopeless either. Use the following plan to survive the SAT:
  • Purchase the latest edition of SAT For Dummies and read the chapters that cover the different sections of the SAT. Familiarize yourself with the types of questions that are on the exam.
  • Take one practice SAT exam. Yes, it's terrible. Nearly four good hours gone forever. But you should do the exam anyway, just so you know what the SAT experience is like from start to finish.
  • Read the explanations for all the questions on the practice test you took. The explanations give you not only the correct answer but also some general information that will take your skills up a notch with minimal effort and time.
  • Clear the deck of all unnecessary activity in your life so you can study as much as possible. Don't skip your sister's wedding (or your physics homework), but if you can put something off, do so. Use the extra time to practice skills emphasized on the SAT.

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