Preparing for the GRE can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t touched the math for years or are rusty with the verbal. It may seem that there’s too much to study, and you’ll never get through it all. The good news is that you mastered these topics at one time: You graduated high school and completed college. You are merely returning to a familiar path.

The other good news is that the GRE has a specific, limited scope of material that it asks about. For example, on the quantitative side, you’ll see plenty of square roots but never a cube root. The math questions you see in 1,001 GRE Practice Questions For Dummies are based exactly on this scope of material. Learn to answer these math questions, and you’ll be prepared for the real thing.

On the verbal side, the GRE uses many of the same vocab words over again. Learn those words in 1,001 GRE Practice Questions For Dummies and you’ll know a lot of the words on the exam. You won’t know them all, but you’ll know enough to do well.

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