GED Mathematical Reasoning Test For Dummies
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On the GED Mathematical Reasoning test, you may be asked to add or subtract polynomial expressions. With polynomials, adding and subtracting is almost identical, except with subtraction, you need to watch how the minus sign affects the polynomial you're subtracting.

The following example questions let you test both your addition and subtraction skills.

Practice questions

  1. Solve (3r + 8p) + (9r – 6p) =

  2. Solve (12k – 11m) – (9k – 3m) =

Answers and explanations

  1. 12r + 2p

    To solve this equation, add 3r and 9r to get 12r, and then add 8p and –6p to get 2p:

  2. 3k – 8m

    To solve this equation, 12k – 9k = 3k and –11m – 3m = –11m + 3m = –8m, so the result is 3k – 8m.

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