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As popular as the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is, there are people who still don't know about it. And many who may have heard of it don't understand what it's all about. Tell people about your CISSP certification and explain the certification process to your peers. Here are some facts that you can share with anyone and everyone you meet:
  • CISSP is the top-tier information security professional certification.
  • Over 110,000 security professionals around the world have the CISSP certification.
  • The CISSP certification started in 1994.
  • CISSP was the first credential to be accredited by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Standard 17024.
  • The organization that manages the CISSP certification has other certifications for professionals who specialize in various fields of information security. The organization also promotes information security awareness through education programs and events.
Promote the fact that you're certified. How can you promote it? After you earn your CISSP, you can simply put the letters CISSP after your name on your business cards, stationery, email signature, resume, blog, and website. While you're at it, put the CISSP logo on there, too (just be sure to abide by any established terms of use).

Promoting other certifications

Some of your peers may not be ready to pursue the CISSP certification. They may not have the career experience or knowledge required to go for the CISSP now. These certifications may be suitable for your friends:
  • Associate of (ISC)2: If you can pass the CISSP or SSCP certification exams but don't yet possess the required professional experience, you can become an Associate of (ISC)2. Read about this option on the (ISC)2 website.
  • SSCP (Systems Security Certified Practitioner): This mid-level certification is for hands-on security techs and analysts.
Your colleagues can use these two certs as stepping stones, and eventually, they may be ready for the CISSP.

Wear the colors proudly

The (ISC)2 online store has a lot of neat stuff, from jackets to shirts to mugs to caps. There's something for everyone there. The organization introduces new items now and again, and it runs closeout specials.

Consider adding a few nice polo shirts that sport the (ISC)2 and CISSP logos to your wardrobe. Or really splurge and consider buying a CISSP backpack!

Lead by example

Like it or not, security professionals, particularly those with the CISSP, are role models for those around them. From a security perspective, whatever you do — and how you do it — is seen as the standard for correct behavior.

Being mindful of this, you need to conduct yourself as though someone were looking — even if no one is — in everything you do.

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