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Making a film requires the talents and abilities of a production team. To understand the roles of a film production team, you can compare the positions of each crew member to the people needed to prepare a fine meal. The following chart lists the common positions found on a typical film production team and explains their responsibilities.

Position Responsibility Position Responsibility
Writer Writes the list of ingredients Boom operator Gets the microphone in close to hear all the crunches and lip smacking
Executive producer Pays for the cost of the dinner Gaffer Lights the food to look good (sets the mood with a candlelit dinner)
Line producer Finds where to get the best deals Grips Help with the utensils for eating the meal
Producer Purchases the groceries, helps choose the brands Production assistants Act as waiters and busboys
Casting director Chooses the food that's ripe for the picking Make-up person Brushes on healthy colors to prepare the food to look appetizing
Location scout Locates the dinner location Wardrobe person Dresses the food to look tasty
Transportation Transports the guests to the table Production designer Enhances the setting and decorates it for dinner
Director Takes all the ingredients and cooks them into a great meal Prop master Supplies the appropriate tableware, including plates and glasses
Assistant director Assists the chef Stunt coordinator Rigs the exploding champagne bottles and smashing of silverware
Script supervisor Makes sure the chef follows the recipe Editor Serves the meal in continuity (appetizer first, entrée next, dessert at the end)
Director of photography (cinematographer) Makes the food look really good Composer Creates the right music atmosphere for enjoying the meal
Sound mixer Records all the crunches and lip smacking Post-production supervisor Cleans up the mess

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