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When shooting a film trailer like the one shown in this video, you need to structure your film around the film's genre, including an introduction, the characters, the right emotions, and a strong ending. A film trailer is a short video, usually under two‐and‐a‐half minutes, made to advertise and promote the full‐length version of a film. Before you start filming, consider the film's genre; use locations, music, key moments, and facial expressions to help make the genre of your film clear within your trailer. Include a short introduction within your trailer to explain the background to the story or the history of the characters. Introduce your film's main characters in the trailer and show who the characters are. Using emotions in your trailer can help the audience understand the emotions they can expect in the full‐length film. The ending is an important part of your trailer because it's your last chance to win over the audience. By the end of the trailer, your audience will decide whether they want to watch the full‐length version or not. After you have structured your trailer and chosen the shots you want to include, it's time to film. Remember to check your shots as you go and look out for continuity mistakes.

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