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Music and expression through a creative means is nothing new and can be traced all the way back to the day of the caveman. You may not know the language or understand exactly what a person who created a song is saying, but you can most certainly experience what’s being communicated through its feel and emotion. That is the beauty of music, and it’s a very good reason why you shouldn’t allow yourself to shy away from writing a song if you have the urge or desire to do so.

There are probably as many reasons for writing songs as there are people who write them. The bottom line is that songwriting is perfect for people who have a hard time verbalizing their feelings. Sometimes, putting your feelings to music or lyrics helps you say what you really feel or are not brave enough to say to one’s face. It doesn’t have to be a perfect song or a certified chart topper. The important thing is, songwriting helps you express yourself. It’s very therapeutic that way!

So, don’t feel shy about writing a song, especially if you want to do any of the following:

  • Express your true self or innermost feelings.

  • Release the music inside of you that’s just waiting to get out.

  • Give back to others some of the joy and inspiration they have given you.

  • Develop fully the gift of expression you have been born with.

  • Gain acceptance and make new friends (and perhaps make an income).

  • Exorcise your inner demons.

  • Connect with others through the message of your song.

  • Create something of value that others will enjoy for many years.

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