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Brazilian and Portuguese people are known as a friendly and talkative bunch. Knowing how to greet them goes a long way toward helping you make friends. Here are some "hello" and "goodbye" basics:

  • Tudo bem? (too-doh bang?) (How are you?)

  • Como vai? (koh-moh vah-ee?) (How are things?)

  • Tchau! (chah-ooh!) (Bye!)

  • Até logo! (ah-teh loh-goo!) (See you later!)

  • Até amanhã! (ah-teh ah-mang-yah!) (See you tomorrow!)

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Karen Jacobson-Sive is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese. She worked as a journalist in Brazil for many years before re-locating to New York where she taught language classes. She is the author of the previous editions of Portuguese For Dummies.

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