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Traveling in Italy can be confusing if you can't read the signs or understand the instructions you're given. Learning a few useful travel-related words and phrases in Italian before you begin traveling can save you time and reduce your frustration level.

Here are a few general travel-related terms that everyone should know before making the big trip.

passaporto [m] (passport)
valigia [f] (suitcase)
zaino (backpack)
borsa (bag)
biglietto [m] (ticket)
prenotare (reservation)

Making travel arrangements

While traveling in Italy, you often need to make or change your travel arrangements. Whether you are scheduling a flight or a train trip, the following words can help you with the reservation and ticket-buying process.

biglietto di andata e ritorno (round-trip ticket)
biglietto a senso unico (one-way ticket)
posto (seat)
stazione (train station)
treno [m] (train)
volo (flight)
aeroporto [m] (airport)

The following phrases are some common questions that you might need to ask when making travel arrangements in Italy.

  • Avete sconti per studenti? (Do you have any discounts for students?)

  • Per favore, due biglietti per Napoli. (I'll take two tickets please for Naples.)

  • Vorrei prenotare due biglietti. (I would like to reserve two tickets.)

  • Vorrei comprare due biglietti andata e ritorno. (I would like to buy two round-trip tickets.)

  • Solo andata. (Just one-way.)

  • Prima o seconda classe? (First or second class?)

  • Quanti siete? (How many are you?)

  • Siamo in quattro. (There are four of us.)

  • Qual`è il cognome? (What is the last name?)

  • Quanto in anticipo dovremmo arrivare? (How early should we arrive?)

  • Quanto è il biglietto? (How much is the ticket?)

  • Vorremmo il volo delle diciannove. (We'd like the 7 p.m. flight.)

  • Preferisce il posto corridoio o finestrino? (Would you prefer aisle or window seats? [Formal])

  • Possiamo sedere tutti insieme, per favore? (May we all sit together, please?)

  • Per favore posso avere un pasto vegetariano? (May I please request a vegetarian meal?)

  • Che differenza c'è tra questo treno e quello? (What is the difference between this train and this train?)

  • C'è l'aria condizionata su questo treno? (Is there air conditioning on this train?)

  • Quale binario? (What train track?)

  • Binario numero tre. (Track three.)

    When traveling by train, you have to punch your ticket in a validation machine before boarding; otherwise, you'll be fined.

Making hotel reservations

Although many of the larger hotels in Italy have English-speaking staff, you rarely find that in the smaller hotels and in the smaller towns. The following phrases can help you when making or changing your hotel reservations.

  • Avete disponibilità per il ventitrè e il ventiquattro agosto? (Do you have any availability on August 23 and 24?)

  • Avete una camera sul Canal Grande? (Do you have a room on the Grand Canal?)

  • Mi dispiace, siamo al completo. (I'm sorry, we're full.)

  • Si ne abbiamo. Cosa vi interessava? (Yes, we do. What were you looking for?)

  • Vorremmo una tripla, per favore. (We'd like a triple, please.)

  • C'è l'aria condizionata nella stanza? (Does the room have air conditioning?)

  • C'è il bagno? (Does it have a bathroom?)

  • La colazione è compresa? (Is breakfast included?)

  • Dobbiamo cancellare la nostra prenotazione. (We need to cancel our room reservation.)

  • A che ora bisogna lasciare la camera? (At what time is checkout?)

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