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Traveling is expensive, so it's crucial to have a good understanding of German phrases for money and banking. While in a German-speaking country, the best way to ensure that you get the most for your money is to be familiar with these common financial terms.

  • das Geld (money)

  • die Bank (bank)

  • der Wechselkurs (exchange rate)

  • Leitungsübertragung (wire transfer)

  • der Reisescheck (traveler's checks)

  • wechseln (to change)

Each country has their own monetary system. Most German-speaking countries use the Euro. Regardless of which currency they use it is almost always best to exchange your American dollars for the local currency. In fact, exchanging money is the most common banking need for travelers. In the following conversation, a traveler exchanges her American money for Euros.

Jane: Was ist der heutige Wechselkurs? (What’s the exchange rate today?)
Banker: Der heutige Wechselkurs ist 1 Euro für 1.23 $. (Today’s exchange rate is 1 euro for $1.23.)
Jane: Ich möchte hundert Dollar wechseln. (I would like to exchange $100.)

The following phrases will give you a guideline to follow when forming your own questions about other banking needs while staying in a German-speaking countries.

  • Ich möchte Reiseschecks kaufen. (I would like to buy traveler’s checks.)

  • Ich möchte diese Reiseschecks einlösen. (I would like to cash these traveler’s checks.)

  • Ich möchte dies in Euro wechseln. (I would like to exchange this for Euros.)

  • Hier ist mein Ausweis. (Here's my identification.)

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