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A great number of decisive political wars and revolutions took place in the last two centuries; struggles for independence and liberation, industrialisation, nationalism and European integration. Take look at some of the landmark events that changed Europe in Modern history.

Year Event
1789 Fall of the Bastille: start of the French Revolution
1804 Napoleon crowned Emperor of France
1815 Battle of Waterloo: Napoleon exiled to St Helena
1829 Greece wins independence from Ottoman Empire
1833 Slavery abolished in British Empire
1848 Revolutions across Europe
1854–6 Crimean War
1860–1 Unification of Italy
1861 Alexander II emancipates Russian serfs
1870–1 Franco-Prussian War; proclamation of German empire
1914–18 First World War
1917 Russian Revolution
1919 Treaty of Versailles
1936–9 Spanish Civil War
1939–45 Second World War
1941 Operation Barbarossa: German invasion of Russia
1949 Formation of NATO
1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary; Suez crisis
1957 Treaty of Rome founds the European Economic Community
1975 Democracy restored in Spain
1985 Mikhail Gorbachev in power in Russia
1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall: anti-communist revolutions across eastern Europe
1992 Yugoslavia civil war starts
2002 Adoption of the Euro
2004 European Union enlarges to 25 member states

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