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Developing “Forward Resonance” to Help Belt out a Song

By Pamelia S. Phillips

To help you feel that forward resonance needed for belting out a song, imitate a little kid who’s about to tattle on his big brother or sister. You know that taunting, singsong sound, nya-nya-nya-nya-nya. Be a brat for a few minutes and find that tattletale sound — feel the vibrations as you make the sound. If you didn’t feel the resonance in your face, try again and be even more of a brat.

Let the bratty sound buzz in your face, but with no squeezing in your throat. When the sound is right, you feel vibrations in the front of your face or just behind your face. You want the sound to be buzzing behind or beside your nose, but not in your nose. If you think it’s too nasal, hold your nose and make the sound.

The sound stops if it’s “in your nose,” but it continues buzzing if it’s just behind your nose. If the vibration is in the front of your head or face, you’re on the right track. The vibrations aren’t in one single area; you may feel your whole face, especially your cheeks or forehead, vibrating.

Some people like to call the area behind their face “the mask.” If that’s a term you’re familiar with, you’re trying to create tones that generate plenty of vibration in the mask.