Connecting with Your Audience through the Song Lyrics - dummies

Connecting with Your Audience through the Song Lyrics

By Pamelia S. Phillips

You can’t choose a song just because you sing it well. If you just sing it well, you can sell a recording instead of asking an audience to watch you sing it. When you find a song that you sing really well, you need to figure out how to make it work for you as an actor. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t sing a song if you don’t like the words. Make sure that you can relate to the story. Take the time to really home in on a great story that supports the song and gives you a reason to sing it.

  • Choose age-appropriate stories. A 15-year-old girl could choose an age-appropriate story about growing up and liking boys but shouldn’t be singing about struggling to pay the mortgage.

  • The stories in the songs should vary to show different aspects of your personality and acting abilities. After you find that wonderful ballad about your long-lost love, find a funny song that shows off your comic timing, or another song that contrasts with the love song.

    The two songs should vary in tempo to create even more contrast. But don’t get off the bus yet. Stay on and keep searching for a song that shows off fire and determination.