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Choosing Songs at Your Level of Expertise

By Pamelia S. Phillips

The process of choosing a song which suits your accomplishment level can stump many singers. Once selected, starting a new song can be so much fun. Digging into the phrasing, the story, and the vocal challenges of a new song can provide hours of entertaining work. How do you select the right song for your level of singing?

Your level of expertise and technical ability at this moment in time is the primary determination when finding music to sing. Choosing a song that’s too hard for you is sure to frustrate you. On the other hand, selecting material that’s too easy for you may give you fun songs to sing, but it won’t help advance your singing technique.

Choosing songs at your level requires you to balance your current abilities with what you want to accomplish. To advance your singing technique, you want to choose songs that are just a little outside your comfort zone. Selecting a song to sing for a performance is different from selecting songs to practice and songs that help you develop technique.

Songs for a performance need to highlight your level of ability at the time of the performance. For example, you may choose to perform a song that was once a little difficult for you but that you practiced long enough to master the technical challenges.