Breathing Checklist to Improve Singing - dummies

Breathing Checklist to Improve Singing

By Pamelia S. Phillips

Part of Singing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Breathing is breathing, right? Not so with singing. For singers, good breath control and strong lungs contribute to powerful performances. It all begins with knowing how to breathe from deep within your body — from your diaphragm, actually, which is a membrane of muscle and tendons located between your lungs and abdomen. Follow this checklist to ensure that your breathing helps make your singing better:

  • Each breath drops low in the body.

  • Open your throat to prevent gasping.

  • Chest stays steady as you inhale.

  • Body movement consists of the lower abdominal area and the ribs expanding upon inhalation.

  • With exhalation, the abdominal area moves in as the air is slowly released.