By Pamelia S. Phillips

Part of Singing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The big tip to use on singing auditions is to know the typical behavior for your style of music. Pop-rock auditions are more laid-back than opera auditions. The way you dress for the opera audition is very different from how you dress at the pop-rock audition. Knowing these specifics increases your chances of getting the gig. This list highlights some tips to help you at auditions:

  • Choose songs that highlight your vocal strengths.

  • Pick stories you want to tell.

  • Prepare your music in a notebook so your songs are easy to locate. Or bring your recording to sing along with.

  • Polish your resume and print out your headshot to take to the audition.

  • Ask an accompanist to read through your song before your audition.

  • Choose your outfit wisely based on expectations for your type of audition.

  • Polish your acting skills.