How to Use the Transport Function from One Recording Device to Control Another

By Jeff Strong

One aspect of synchronization can enable you to use the transport function (play, stop, record, and so on) from each recording device to control the other. This is the MIDI Machine Control (MMC) function. The MMC function is located within the Synchronization menu of your device’s software. (You can find this in the same place as the MTC synch in most systems.)

MMC allows you to send machine control messages from the slave device to the master device. For example, in the setup, you can set the sequencer to send MMC messages and the SIAB system to receive them.


Your sequencer must be set as follows:

  • MTC slave–External synch

  • 24 fps

  • MMC master

Your SIAB system in turn must be set as follows:

  • MTC master–Internal synch

  • 24 fps

  • MMC slave

These settings enable you to use either device’s transport functions to control the other. The MTC master sends the timing data, but each device sends control messages to the other. Check your system’s manuals to see whether you can do this with your gear. It may save you some valuable recording time.