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  • March 26,2016

    How a Slow Cooker Works

    An authentic slow cooker is a simple, uncomplicated appliance with no moving parts. Even though you most likely know what a slow cooker looks like, th...

  • March 26,2016

    Greek Egg-Lemon Chicken Soup

    Egg-lemon chicken soup dates to the days of the ancient Greeks and is enjoyed around the Mediterranean. In traditional egg-lemon chicken soup, the egg...

  • March 26,2016

    Apple Brown Betty

    Whoever Betty was, she must have been a creative, thrifty cook with some day-old bread, butter, and apples on hand. Apple Brown Betty transforms simpl...

  • March 26,2016

    Chocolate Custard

    Creamier than traditional chocolate pudding, this chocolate custard is smooth on the tongue and rich in taste! Making chocolate custard in your slow c...

  • March 26,2016

    Lemon and Thyme Pork Stew

    This stew of braised pork and vegetables with a hint of lemon makes for a delicious supper. Lemon and thyme pork stew needs only a tossed green salad...

  • March 26,2016

    Nacho Cheese Sauce

    This cheesy nacho cheese sauce can have as much zip as you want. Spoon some of the nacho cheese sauce over tortilla chips on a plate, and then top it...