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  • Bulldogs For Dummies Cheat Sheet

    As a Bulldog person, you want to get your pet from a reputable breeder, and knowing the right questions to ask gets you on your way. Once you have a B...

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  • Poodles For Dummies Cheat Sheet

    Poodles are known for their keen intelligence and excellent trainability, and, most notably, those signature curly locks. But there’s more to th...

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  • Choosing a Healthy Poodle

    No matter where your Poodle comes from, she should be healthy. You may feel sorry for the sick puppy in the corner, but don’t take her home. Sta...

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  • Clipping Your Poodle

    Your Poodle needs to be clipped on a regular schedule — whether you do the clipping yourself or pay a professional. Any clips other than the req...

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