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  • Living with a Blind Dog

    Blind dogs can live comfortably. Some sightles canines take quite a while to even recognize the full limitations of their handicap, since vision usual...

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  • Reading Your Dog’s Body Language

    Your dog is communicating a lot through her body postures and also tuning in to your body language more than you might imagine. Regulating how you hol...

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  • 5 Dog Discipline Do and Don’ts

    No one wants to frighten their dog, but many people do just that, often under the guise of disciplining them. Some people yell at their dog or puppy,...

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  • 6 Useful Commands for Your Dog

    Though a dog can recognize up to 165 different commands, or words, your goals need not be so lofty. Here are six directions that are most useful for n...

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  • Interpreting Your Dog’s Barking

    Though your dog won’t “talk” to you in English, you can interpret both her intentions and immediate desires if you know what to list...

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