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  • In Yoga

    September 09,2016

    8 Ways to Protect Your Lower Back

    Yoga is well known for making people more flexible, supple, lithe, and limber. In fact, you’ve probably seen photographs of yogis or yoginis contort...

  • In Yoga

    March 27,2016

    Yoga All-in-One Dummies Cheat Sheet

    Yoga itself is at least 5,000 years old, and yoga exercising — what you know as yoga postures, or asanas — emerged about 600 years ago. Ev...

  • In Yoga

    March 26,2016

    How to Add Weights to a Yoga Routine

    Yoga with weights is a hybrid of two powerful, time-tested exercise systems: yoga and bodybuilding. Working out with weights is one of the best ways t...

  • In Yoga

    March 26,2016

    Yoga Mindfulness Techniques

    Yoga-with-weights workouts not only strengthen the body but, when accompanied by mediation and breathwork, also opens your awareness to the outside wo...