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  • Helping Your Dog Combat Allergies

    Dogs with allergies don’t usually sneeze or get runny noses like people do. (A few do, however.) Instead, they itch and scratch, chew, lick, and...

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  • The Source of a Dog’s Allergies

    Several dog breeds, such as Golden Retrievers, are highly predisposed to allergies. Some allergies are seasonal, some appear at various life stages, a...

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  • Feeding a Golden Retriever Puppy

    Your Golden Retriever puppy has a built-in timer that prompts him to eat on schedule. Give him three meals a day for the first three months and then f...

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  • Being the Top Dog in Your Home

    It’s imperative when dealing with a dominant or aggressive dog that you become his leader — the alpha dog — in no uncertain terms. U...

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  • How to Dog-Proof Your Home

    Dog-proofing your home, yard, and garage is essential for keeping your Golden Retriever (and your house!) safe. Go through this list to create a pet-f...

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  • Symptoms of Dog Emergencies

    Keep this list handy to recognize your Golden Retrievers symptoms that signal a dog emergency or serious health problem so you can contact your veteri...

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