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  • March 27,2016

    The Bible For Dummies Cheat Sheet

    You’ll feel more confident about your biblical studies when you see a timeline of the important events as they happened in the Bible, have an un...

  • March 26,2016

    11 Important People in the Bible

    The Bible has a “cast” of thousands, but some of them play more important roles than others. Here are eleven of the prime players in the B...

  • March 26,2016

    Understanding Jesus’ Sermons

    Even if Jesus never performed a single miracle, his teachings would have secured his place as one of the greatest moral philosophers who ever lived. I...

  • March 26,2016

    The Books of the Bible

    The Bible, maximally speaking, is comprised of the Old Testament (or Hebrew bible), the New Testament, and, if you are studying from the Catholic or E...