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  • March 01,2017

    The GoPro Capture App

    The Capture app for your GoPro camera allows you to control the camera from a distance and monitor the scene. It also lets you wirelessly update camer...

  • March 01,2017

    Mounts for Your GoPro Camera

    GoPro has a lot of mounts and one for every occasion and situation. There are mounts for your ski pole, the roll bar of your all-terrain vehicle, and...

  • March 01,2017

    Setting Up Your GoPro Camera

    At first glance, the GoPro resembles a miniature version of an early 20th-century box camera or maybe the Instamatic still camera of the 1970s. Its de...

  • March 01,2017

    The GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition

    The HERO4 Silver is loaded with features, captures 4K video, and was the first GoPro camera to include a viewfinder. While it can record 4K video, it...

  • March 01,2017

    The GoPro HERO4 Black Edition

    Every bit as relevant as its HERO5 Black successor, you can do everything with this camera model with minimal quality issues. Just like the new line,...

  • March 01,2017

    The GoPro HERO Session

    Not only is it the smallest GoPro in the lineup, but it’s also the most inconspicuous. Easily worn, or mounted, The HERO Session allows you capt...

  • March 01,2017

    The GoPro HERO5 Session

    Most of the power of the GoPro HERO5 Black, but half its size, makes the HERO5 Session a great choice when you’re looking to carry a little less...

  • March 01,2017

    The GoPro HERO5 Black

    Once upon a time, it was a range of tonal names that differentiated the GoPro HERO, including the Silver and White editions. And while many of these m...