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  • Hebrew For Dummies Cheat Sheet

    The ancient language of Hebrew is still spoken today and if you want to speak it, you need to know common greetings, basic questions, and the Hebrew a...

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  • Making Sense of Hebrew Syntax

    The syntax (the arrangement of words to make sentences), or Tachbir (tahch-beer), of a Hebrew sentence is quite different from English. Have a look at...

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  • Going to Shabbat Dinner

    If you’re attending a Shabbat dinner, familiarizing yourself with the common rituals of the special event is a great idea to help you thoroughly enj...

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  • The Hebrew Alphabet

    The Hebrew alphabet is comprised of 24 letters and a point system that denotes vowel sounds because the alphabet itself...

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  • How to Ask Questions in Hebrew

    To master Hebrew — or any language — you need to be able to ask questions. The following table lists the common question words and a few c...

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  • A Basic Blessing in Hebrew

    You can use this great all-purpose Jewish blessing in Hebrew any time you experience something new (such as eating the first fruit of the season), or...

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