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  • December 31,2018

    What Is Assisted Living?

    Assisted living is a term that is often used as though everyone understands it in the same way. But that’s not the case. Assisted living is just a g...

  • December 31,2018

    The Emotional Aspects of Downsizing

    Most of the work of downsizing involves sorting, organizing, decision making, and disposing of the things you no longer need or want. Hard enough, but...

  • December 31,2018

    What Are PACE Programs?

    Another program worth investigating is the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). Although supported by both Medicare and Medicaid, par...

  • December 31,2018

    Multi-generational Living Options

    Sometimes the choice seems obvious: You live in a big house with plenty of room, and your parent or other relative has only a limited amount of space....