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Your WordPress Blog: How to Publish a Post

By Lisa Sabin-Wilson

You have given your new post a title and written the content of your new WordPress blog post. Maybe you even added an image or other type of media file to your blog post and configured the tags, categories, and other options. Now the question is: To publish or not to publish (yet)? gives you three options for saving or publishing your post when you’re done writing it.


The Publish menu offers three options:

  • Status: Click the Edit link next to the Status option, and a new drop-down menu appears with the following options:

    • Pending Review: Select this option to set the post status as Pending; the post shows up in your list of drafts next to a Pending Review header. This option lets the administrator of the blog know that contributors have entered posts that are waiting for administrator review and approval (helpful for blogs with multiple authors).

    • Draft: Select this option to save the post but not publish it to your blog. Your post is saved in draft form, allowing you to return to it later.

    Click OK when you’re done to save your settings.

  • Visibility: Click the Edit link next to the Visibility option and a new menu appears with the following options:

    • Public: Choosing this option publishes your post to your blog for the entire world to see. Select the Stick This Post to the Front Page check box if you want to publish this post to the very top of your blog and keep it there until you come back and edit the status later.

    • Password Protected: You can password-protect a post by entering a password in this field. When you do, you can share the password with only the readers you want to let read that post. This feature also hides the post from search engines so that it doesn’t show up in search results.

    • Private: This option allows you to publish a post privately, which means the only person who can read the post is you — it is completely hidden from public view. Some writers use their blogs for private journal entries, so this option would be helpful in that regard.

    Click OK when you’re done to save your settings.

  • Publish Immediately: Click the Edit link next to the Publish Immediately option. A new menu appears where you can set the date (or time stamp) of the post and publish it right away. The date settings here allow you to set a date in the future for the post to publish, or you can back-date a post to publish on a date in the past.

    When you’re done, click OK to save your settings.

When you have chosen a publishing status, click the Publish button. WordPress saves your publishing-status option. Successfully published blog posts show up on the front page of your blog.

If you want to publish your blog post right away, skip the drop-down menu options and click the Publish button, which sends your new blog post to your blog in all its glory. If you click Publish and for some reason don’t see the post you just published to the front page of your blog, you probably left the Publish Status drop-down menu set to Unpublished.